Saturday, 20 June 2009

Elder flowers

Reading up on elder flowers before trying them I learned that they were used as a medicine. They were used to treat conditions of the skin, as a pain killer and for arthritis. they are also supposed to be good for sinusitis. I do have some arthritis in the joints of my feet through excessive walking etc in an earlier life. So I am interested in any beneficial effects elder flowers may have. The following notes are purely anecdotal and are not in any way scientific. Firstly there were no ill affects after eating elder flowers with food and drinking elder flower tea. However the stalks are said to be toxic so I carefully removed just the flowers. About 2 hours after eating a tomato and elder flower sandwich I noticed a definite clearing of my nasal passages. On three occasions after eating elder flowers with a meal and drinking a small amount of elder tea I did notice that the ache and pain in the joints of my feet had gone.