Monday, 22 June 2009

sesame seed oil and plantain oilment

There is a lot of evidence to indicate the beneficial effects of sesame seed oil. The Romans used plantain to help heal battle wounds so I decided to mix the two as a skin ointment.

Sesame seed oil is an insecticide and will work to remove little 'visitors' from hair, plantain could also have insecticide, antibacterial and fungicide properties.

The chef a my local pub told me that apple pectin will thicken oils to make them more like a cream. As I don't want to buy anything I included apple in the mix and it did thicken the oil into a sort of 'oilment'. As elder flowers are said to be good for the skin I included some in this batch.

The method is to heat the leaves and flowers in the oil without letting it get too hot and then just let it steep for a couple of hours before straining into a jar. Just to prevent any volatile oil evaporating I used a small balti pan as a lid so that any oils that evaporated would condense and drip back into the mix.

Next time I want to experiment with extracting (some of) the pectin from apples.