Sunday, 30 August 2009

Elder berries supposed to have strong anti viral properties

Please look up the information yourself as I would only be repeating what I have read. Elder berries and flowers are said to have strong anti viral properties. Hard to prove one way or the other because if you catch a cold whilst eating elder, perhaps they don't work and if you don't catch a cold perhaps its because you haven't been exposed to the virus. I have tried to make some elder cordial to see if it would reduce the effects of a cold (when I get one) but I don't want to use masses of sugar. I have made a delicious elder, hawthorne and apple cordial with no sugar but it doesn't keep very long. Elder berries are OK to eat straight from the tree and it seems to me that they are the only berries that the birds eat an any quantity. On looking closer there seems to be more to the elder berry than first meets the eye, one to investigate.