Thursday, 24 September 2009

Turmeric anti inflamatory, pain reliever, mild mood enhancer

This is an anecdotal note and does not claim any medical significance and I have no medical or even herbal knowledge. I work in pharmaceuticals and as part of my job I need to keep up to date with research projects. It is this that led me to read about anthocyanins and turmeric. There is a lot of information about turmeric so I won't repeat it here. However I decided to try it for myself.

As near as I can ascertain the dose of turmeric for a therapeutic effect is one to eight grams and I estimate a teaspoon full to be about a gram, so Decided to take one gram a day. I have some arthritis in the joints of my feet which ordinary pain killers have no effect on. Right from the start of taking turmeric there was a reduction in pain and in the slight inflammation. The joints can move without grating, in fact almost from the first day the arthritis seemed to improve.

I made up a paste of turmeric and sesame seed oil and applied it directly to the area despite the yellow skin - if it works it is worth temporary skin discolouration. Applying turmeric direct to the affected area had a noticeable effect at pain reduction and a reduction in inflammation. But, there's even better to come.

I was reading that turmeric is difficult for the body to absorb and most of it is passed through the system. I read that black pepper increases the absorption of turmeric. I tried this in a meal last night and will describe something that happened later.

I mixed some ground black pepper into the turmeric sesame seed oil paste. I manipulated the joints before the application and they hurt a bit. Then applied the paste and there was instantaneous and complete pain relief. Not just surface pain relief but instantaneous deep pain relief and I could move the joints with some pressure without any pain. I can say from direct personal experience that turmeric, especially when mixed with ground black pepper is an anti inflammatory pain killer.

I also have a long standing injury to my left shoulder area which gives tingling and some pain. My arm tingles and is uncomfortable when I go to sleep. This problem has completely gone.

I am a 'low level' alcoholic or a social drinker if you like. Every night about 8 o'clock the addictive voice starts prompting me to go to the pub and I have to resist strongly to stay in. I decided to limit my nights in the pub from four/five to two. Last night was a Wednesday and I would normally go to the pub on a Wednesday and I expected a hard time from the addictive voice but last night after the turmeric and black pepper it was still. I even taunted my addictive voice or booze brain to tempt me into going up the pub but it was completely quiet. I felt zero desire for alcohol. I also felt in a very pleasant mood and enjoyed just listening to music.

From my purely anecdotal experience I can say that it would seem that turmeric reduces cravings for alcohol and even acts as a mild mood enhancer.

Well; tonight (Thursday) is one of the nights (the other being Sunday) that I have given myself permission to go to the pub. I had about one and a quarter teaspoons of turmeric with black pepper in my meal earlier, it will be very interesting to see if I do go for a drink or if I stay in. It seems to take an hour or so for turmeric to be absorbed and you can normally tell because the sinuses suddenly start to drain and you get a mild relaxed feeling.
Finally there seems to be no adverse effects at all.

I would estimate that a gram of turmeric is equal to diclofenac as an anti-inflamatory pain killer, this is just anecdotal but at the same time there is no harm in trying. One caution is that turmeric is supposed to be a blood thinner, I am unable to comment, but perhaps it shouldn't be taken in a high dose with blood thinning medication.