Sunday, 21 March 2010

effects of eating wild garlic (anecdotal)

I have no way of quantifying these observations.
Based on a good handful of wild garlic leaves, about 2g/day.

Wild garlic seems to:
Relax muscles
Slow the heart rate
Drop blood pressure
Acts as an all round calminative
Keeps you 'regular'.
Has anti inflammatory and mild painkilling effects

Could it also relax arteries?

It definately:
Clears - drains - sinuses
Makes you cough up phlegm
Helps you sleep well

Possible disadvantages:
Might make you feel a bit tired rather than relaxed
You are aware that your heart is beating slower
About half an hour after eating wild garlic your chest feels irritated for a few minutes as it makes you cough. Once you've had a cough it wears off.

I cycled hard up a long steep hill to see if it would make me feel faint but ironically I seemed to have more energy and physical ability seems enhanced. Sometimes if I exercise really hard, like cycling up a long hill, and then stop; my heart misses the odd beat unless I keep moving. This happens especially if I sit down after hard exercise. This doesn't (seem) to happen after eating wild garlic. I cycled up a long hard hill today and stopped for a phew minutes when I got to the top and the old heart kept ticking away quite happily without any missed beats.