Monday, 15 March 2010

owl barn office

This is my office for an hour or two. The fluffy weather presenters were raving that the temperature in southern Britain would reach double figures but it is still tooooo cold to stay here for long.

I used to have a small sailing boat and sold it because of the deteriorating weather in Britain. But I was waiting for the day when I could work on the boat and stay connected to the world via the internet in a useable and affordable way. Now that I don't have a boat I am looking for alternative odd places to work. This is an old barn complex – complete with barn owls. So, one day when the weather warms up I will be able to sit, think and work here. For today, it is an experiment to see if everything connects and even in the middle of rural Dorset over ten miles to the nearest town it works OK. Picture taken with a tocco lite phone camera on a dull afternoon.