Sunday, 14 March 2010

Two disappointments in one day Argos and Russell Hobbs

In order to start making things this year I decided to buy a mini food processor from Argos.

When I was given the box from the Argos counter in Dorchester Dorset. The box had clearly been opened several times. I should have asked if the item had been used previously but I didn't. When I got home I found the processor was just wrapped in a plastic bag inside the box. It is probably a returned item and it may have even been used and cleaned up. This is not good and I am going to make some more purchases but not from Argos.

When I tried the Russell Hobbs mini processor with some wild garlic to make some pesto. The blades just threw everything onto the walls of the plastic bowl like a centrifuge. In less than a second the mix was splattered round the side of the bowl. I had to shake it like a cocktail shaker for it to work. Pretty useless piece of equipment which is difficult to put together when in use because you can hardly see the markings.

I get far better results from a £3 hand held blender from TESCO so that was a waste of £17 especially as it is probably 2nd hand. My guess is that someone else bought this item, found it was useless, cleaned it up, took it back to Argos who sold it to me because I looked like a mug.