Sunday, 25 July 2010

An evil place where men and women were once hanged

We've seen a love nest now a place of evil. Hardly visited by people now, this was a meeting of 5 old tracks. Two would have gone to local market towns and the others to villages. The photo doesn't show that they are ancient 'drove' tracks with hedges to keep the animals in line as they were walked miles to market.

It was the site of a gallows. Someone who would have committed what we would now call a minor crime would have been driven by cart from Dorchester and hung at these gallows on a market day then left so that everyone could see and be warned not to upset the Lord or the squire.

A love nest in deepest Dorset

This is a 'love nest' in deepest Dorset countryside by the side of a stream and well hidden by overhanging trees.

A nice spot, makes me wish I was 40+ years younger.

Diamonds in a hedge

diamonds in a Dorset hedgerow

Redcurrants and Gooseberries

Some years ago an unknown person planted about 50 or more redcurrant, gooseberry and raspberry bushes.

It's possible that I am the only person who knows where they are.

Have stopped smoking

Not directly relevant I know but I stopped smoking almost exactly 48 hours ago and am using Zyban as an aid. Yesterday was OK and I thought nicotine withdrawal was going to be easy but the withdrawal syndrome is just kicking in today. Anxiety, irritable, headache, general feeling of missing something, confusion and lack of concentration. Oh what a lovely three or four weeks to look forward to, but is has to be and will be done.

I hope you don't mind me keeping a diary of this experience.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

a disadvantage of Dorset

These things fly very low down valleys and along roads without consideration for people at all times of day and night.



This plant has a subtle but beautiful smell.

I'm going to try and make a potpurri from the dried flowers.

Aspirin was developed from this plant.

All the plant is edible but I'm not sure about it.

de-seeding cherries

The hand de-seeder works well but it makes a mess. Wear a cook's apron and gloves. Put the cherry in position and then place it in a large bowl in a sink and cover the punch with your spare hand while you punch the stone out of the cherry. This will stop cherry juice splashing everywhere.

I've put some cherries in the oven to dry. This is a learning curve and an expensive way of preserving them. Next time I use the oven I will dry the cherries at the same time as cooking a meal but this isn't always convenient. What I am doing now is learning things to put into good use next year.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Deer eat cherries

I was in discreetly in a hidden cherry orchard near Cerne Abbas in Dorset and picking delicious black cherries when I became aware of a large fallow deer also in the orchard. Deer normally run away before you get anywhere near them but this fellow didn't. He stood his ground and moved round me at a distance of about 30 metres making a barking noise. I thought he might attack me for stealing his cherries but he didn't. More fool him, he should have acted in a more threatening and aggressive way, just like he will with his fellow stags in a few weeks time, and I would have left the orchard.

I now realise that it is not foxes that are eating the cherries but deer and I also note that they only eat the ripe cherries. OK, I can buy cherries in the supermarket, so it is not fair to take food from wild animals. I'm going to make a hook arrangement to fit on a walking stick so I can take the cherries the deer can't reach.

Bike thieves in Dorset

I locked my bike to a gate on a track in Dorset near a farm before going for a walk around the hills. When I got back the front light had been stolen. Hardly anyone walks around this area, and those people who do are of the middle class twit variety. Very much a sign of the times in Britain and with worse to come.

Monday, 12 July 2010

I'm not the only one who likes wild cherries

It seems foxes like wild cherries too and I don't blame them because they are delicious. I notice that the fox is eating the cherry seeds inside the fruit, I thought these were poisonous along with the leaves, bark and sap.

2010 harvest has begun in Dorset

July 9th 2010 and the harvest has begun. Farmers don't hang around these days, unlike when I used to help out on a farm over 40 years ago when it was very labour intensive.

Black Cherries

Black cherries have been out for a few weeks and they are delicious.