Sunday, 18 July 2010

Deer eat cherries

I was in discreetly in a hidden cherry orchard near Cerne Abbas in Dorset and picking delicious black cherries when I became aware of a large fallow deer also in the orchard. Deer normally run away before you get anywhere near them but this fellow didn't. He stood his ground and moved round me at a distance of about 30 metres making a barking noise. I thought he might attack me for stealing his cherries but he didn't. More fool him, he should have acted in a more threatening and aggressive way, just like he will with his fellow stags in a few weeks time, and I would have left the orchard.

I now realise that it is not foxes that are eating the cherries but deer and I also note that they only eat the ripe cherries. OK, I can buy cherries in the supermarket, so it is not fair to take food from wild animals. I'm going to make a hook arrangement to fit on a walking stick so I can take the cherries the deer can't reach.