Monday, 31 January 2011

image inc

 A very amateur 'arty type' photo of me and the bike using 'image inc' found at

trekking cooking equipment

During the winter and into Spring I am building up and trying out equipment ready for touring and camping come Summer.

The home made alcohol stove is shown in its component parts alongside a Coleman mini stove and a set of round pans. I may take the alcohol stove on fun walks but for anything serious I will use the Coleman gas stove as it is more convenient, safer and it burns a lot longer for the same weight of fuel. I found a set of three round pans in a camping store (Millets) and prefer these over mess tins for convenience. Everything stows nicely inside the set of pans for ease of transport. Am going to try a winter cooked lunch in a nearby forest tomorrow. (I just shivered at the thought of the cold North wind that is blowing just now).

alcohol trekking stove mark2

Put a larger can with vent holes around the smaller can and it worked OK. Boiled a large cup of water in just under 2 minutes. Uses a lot of fuel and I was aware of the possible fire hazard. Worth experimenting with but not all that practical.

From walking to cycling

Here's the bike...

First tin can stove

Just lately I have taken up longer distance cycling and am thinking about touring on the bike. Here's my first try at a tin can stove.

It didn't quite work. almost but not quite.