Monday, 7 February 2011

cherries and gout

I have had some mild but troublesome problems with my big toe joints. I have put this down to one of my main hobbies which is jiving to swing and R&B music sometimes on hard dance floors but I have also wondered if it is a mild case of gout. Some time ago I read that cherries cure or at least mitigate gout so I tried it. I've eaten all sorts of cherries including wild cherries that grow near where I live and have drunk lots of cherry juice but to no effect.

This could be unrelated or a some form of coincidence, but none the less, I bought some packs of the brand of cherries shown and had an immediate reduction in the big toe pain. Yesterday I ate almost a whole pack spread across the day and this morning there is no pain at all.
Perhaps it is a specific type of sour cherry that works. Please bear in mind that this is just anecdotal.