Monday, 21 May 2012

A TESCO trick

This blog was never intended to show anything negative. I have heard that TESCO trick customers and this weekend I came across just such a trick. If I had bought more than just one item I would probably have missed this TESCO trick. Here's the evidence.

I saw two bags of watercress advertised as a twin pack for £1.25. When I went through the check out I was charged £1.30. Please see the photographic proof.

When I looked further I found that the each pack in the twin pack contained only 35g of watercress making a total of 75g for £1.30. The Co-op sell 85g for £1.  So the twin pack contains less than the normal amount and TESCO are charging more. This is a clear trick.

This post should go 'viral' and millions of people should watch out for any other TESCO tricks that might trap the unsuspecting customer. Beware when you shop at TESCO

The last part of the trick is that TESCO make each bag of the twin pack as large as a Co-op pack even though both packs put together contain less than what is in the Co-op bag. All this is no accident it is a deliberate customer trick.
Please forward this post to as many people as possible and teach TESCO not to trick their customers.

Finally I have done all this on my mobile phone without too much difficulty. It is now possible for consumers to publish trick like this.

I do intend to send a link to this post to TESCO and see what response I get.