Tuesday, 15 April 2014

have moved from the country to the city

I'm not getting any younger and although in good health I have seen how elderly and sick people struggle when living in rural areas. So I decided to move into the city.

This probably marks the end of this blog, or at least a change.

Oddly enough, because I have moved to an affluent area of the city, I now have a garden that looks more rural that the open fields and woodland that used to surround me.

Wild life also seems to be moving into the city.

I see foxes almost every day along with woodpeckers, jays and a whole variety of woodland birds that are becoming rare in the countryside.

I'm guessing this is because there are fewer predators like owls, and hawks in the city. I'd have to include badgers in any list of destructive predators, even if this upsets some people. There's nothing nice about Brock the badger other than a cute face.

Song thrushes are almost extinct in Britain, probably because of the increased number of cats and predators in general. But they are thriving in and around my new gardens. The only difference is that these are quiet thrushes, perhaps this helps them to survive.

I'm probably showing my bias. Unlike most TV wildlife pundits my allegiance is with the mice, shrews and voles of this world and not with the owls, hawks and weasels.

Another irony of living in the city is that I now have much easier access to healthier food. I don't have to drive into town.

I can also go for walks in the evening after dinner at all times of the year. (country lanes are dangerous places to walk after dark).