Friday, 18 December 2015

Quick review of Jango Steaming Music

It's good and I like it...

But it's got one massive drawback - even worse than adverts...

It keeps stopping to buffer the track, even with fibre optic broadband and this like going back over ten years to the old buffer days.

Amateur review of Simon Montefiore's Jerusalem

A school and 1st year university reference book and a possible background for deeper study.

Acceptance of the Bible and Josephus as historical sources. Cautionary comments but a general acceptance of these sources. But he writes in such a way that he invites you to read and think a bit deeper.

Western values explained, mainly Christian but not offensive to Jews and Muslims.

An unwritten but to me a subtle underlying argument that the three 'religions of the book' are God's chosen people.

Rooted in Western (Liberal International American) values. He mentions that the original Hebrews might have been marauding bandits. This makes more sense than God's chosen people.

Reminded me of European explorers colonising other people's lands for a King and a God.

Well written and interesting; long but worth reading the sections that are of interest.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

How to get a healthy lunch from the supermarket snack shelves despite the offers for sugary drinks

A healthy meal should look a bit like the Italian flag. Red, white and green.

A healthy lunch, particularly if you sit on an office chair all day long can:
  • stop you feeling sluggish until almost home time
  • fill you up so you don't reach for a chocolate bar at 3pm
  • give you nourishment without fat.
You can also make a supermarket 'snack shelf' lunch delicious and something to look forward to. Something you can savour and enjoy during the break. You can prepare them one or two days in advance and the non mixed ingredients will keep in a fridge for three to four days. So almost the whole week is covered.

Pick the healthiest option from the snack section. This will vary depending on the supermarket. Things like cous cous, pine nut salad and dried tomatoes with feta cheese are common.

Ignore the snacks that are full of sugar and mayo. These will just leave you a little bit fatter and a little bit sleepy.

Grab some salad greens, watercress is especially good and you can use a full bag. Research has shown that watercress makes people look younger. You might want to avoid spinach because it can upset your stomach unless it it blanched. Some extra virgin olive oil is good too if you've got some. You can add things like cherry tomatoes, grapes, even anchovies.

Put the prepared snack in a bowl chop the leaves up as much as you can and mix with the snack along with the extra virgin olive oil and any other ingredients you fancy, See if you can make it red, white and green.

Enjoy and be the envy of your work mates.

This is just one of the ways I make use of extra virgin olive oil.

Get in touch for more tips.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

wildlife vandals

These people were allowing their dog to run wild chasing birds and other ground based wild life on Hengisbury Head wild life reserve in Dorset on Thursday 10th September 2015.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

An oil and a root that makes your skin look years younger

I am well over 60 years old.

Today I got on a bus and the driver wasn't sure whether I had a bus pass or not.

This is due to an oil I eat every day and rub into my skin and to a vegetable that I eat lots of.

I'm not going to publish this secret that was known to the ancient Greeks and to the Romans.

If you want to know just ask.

Monday, 15 June 2015

asking questions in another country when you are not fluent in the language

Just make simple statement and raise the voice at the end to turn it into a question.

This is a universal way people ask questions.

Frame the question to get either a yes or no answer to keep it simple.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A tip from my dental hygeinist

If you drink red wine, just rinse with water regularly to prevent staining your teeth.

Friday, 9 January 2015

day surgery in Poole Hospital

I have just had nose surgery in Poole Hospital NHS Trust

I don't know how good the actual surgery is yet because I am still recovering.

The level of pre operation care in Poole Hospital is poor.

After care is none existent.

I had to search the internet for information about after care and found a leaflet issued by Southampton Hospital which I used for guidance.

I filled in a form at the trolley side and like most people said the care was good. No it wasn't...