Saturday, 24 October 2015

How to get a healthy lunch from the supermarket snack shelves despite the offers for sugary drinks

A healthy meal should look a bit like the Italian flag. Red, white and green.

A healthy lunch, particularly if you sit on an office chair all day long can:
  • stop you feeling sluggish until almost home time
  • fill you up so you don't reach for a chocolate bar at 3pm
  • give you nourishment without fat.
You can also make a supermarket 'snack shelf' lunch delicious and something to look forward to. Something you can savour and enjoy during the break. You can prepare them one or two days in advance and the non mixed ingredients will keep in a fridge for three to four days. So almost the whole week is covered.

Pick the healthiest option from the snack section. This will vary depending on the supermarket. Things like cous cous, pine nut salad and dried tomatoes with feta cheese are common.

Ignore the snacks that are full of sugar and mayo. These will just leave you a little bit fatter and a little bit sleepy.

Grab some salad greens, watercress is especially good and you can use a full bag. Research has shown that watercress makes people look younger. You might want to avoid spinach because it can upset your stomach unless it it blanched. Some extra virgin olive oil is good too if you've got some. You can add things like cherry tomatoes, grapes, even anchovies.

Put the prepared snack in a bowl chop the leaves up as much as you can and mix with the snack along with the extra virgin olive oil and any other ingredients you fancy, See if you can make it red, white and green.

Enjoy and be the envy of your work mates.

This is just one of the ways I make use of extra virgin olive oil.

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