Friday, 18 December 2015

Amateur review of Simon Montefiore's Jerusalem

A school and 1st year university reference book and a possible background for deeper study.

Acceptance of the Bible and Josephus as historical sources. Cautionary comments but a general acceptance of these sources. But he writes in such a way that he invites you to read and think a bit deeper.

Western values explained, mainly Christian but not offensive to Jews and Muslims.

An unwritten but to me a subtle underlying argument that the three 'religions of the book' are God's chosen people.

Rooted in Western (Liberal International American) values. He mentions that the original Hebrews might have been marauding bandits. This makes more sense than God's chosen people.

Reminded me of European explorers colonising other people's lands for a King and a God.

Well written and interesting; long but worth reading the sections that are of interest.