Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How to use a magic wand

A magic wand can be anything including a finger. It is both a device and a ritual for focussing and then casting intentions. It can be used for good or evil.  Almost anything can be used as a wand but it is said that a wand chooses the wizard.

A few days ago I was meditating to the music of JoJo Flores. An image of a place in a nearby natural harbour came to mind along with an urge to go there. I went there today and I found an unusual long tube with a metal end laying on the ground beside the backwaters of one of the world's largest natural harbours. I don't know what it is and I was about to throw it away when something told me that it is a magic wand.

This is how to use one. (and this might just work)

Think through the specific intention you want to make real or change. Go into this in as much detail as you can and be very clear about what you want to happen. Picture it in your mind, have internal conversations, make sketches rough drawings take or use photographs. Make it as real as possible in your mind.

The stronger the thoughts, pictures and intentions the better the wand will work.

Rub your hands together for about 10 seconds or do any other ritual your intuition indicates.

Take hold of the wand and bring to mind the intention as clearly as you can.

Write a summary of the intention with the wand. You can do anything your intuition guides you to do. It should involved moving the wand because this will 'cast' the intention into the world through the wand. Be clear and precise with the movement of the wand.

This clear intention will flow out of the wand and it follows the intensity of the thoughts.

It may take several tries and practise improves the skill of casting intentions.

Incantations strengthen the process and add power to the desire.

Incantations are normally sung or chanted but can be spoken or can be any sound that is linked closely to the intention. If you don't want to sing or chant your intentions write a poem and read it out. Send the incantation to the cosmos, to your deity if you have one or to anything you can imagine. This is especially powerful if you send an incantation to something spiritual you believe in.

Use of symbols

Symbols can communicate and even transfer the message or essence of what they represent. The proof of this pudding is in advertising.

Things that lower or stop the power of the wand

Alcohol will block the power for the rest of the day and reduce the power for up to three days.
Cannabis will reduce the power for up to a week.
Any drugs that make you tired or sleepy will reduce or prevent the power of the wand.

Sex will reduce the power for up to several hours.